The GeePs (Group of electrical engineering – Paris) is a joint research unit of 4 academic supports: CNRS (Scientific Research National Center), CentraleSupélec, University Paris-Sud and University Pierre et Marie Curie (UPMC). In 2017 CNRS receives the “HR Excellence in Research” award. The GeePs is one of the largest research group in the field of Electrical Engineering in Paris area. It is divided into three research departments devoted to Materials, Electromagnetism and System. The research activities of the department “PhysIcs and Engineering of ElectroMagnetism” (PIEM) are aimed to a range of analysis methods and models for electromagnetic wave propagation in complex environments, in various domains such as non-destructive evaluation, microwave imaging, electromagnetic compatibility, dosimetry and RFID. Different facilities are available for research or industrial partnership such as anechoic chambers and time-reversal reverberating chambers.

Set-ups of dielectric characterization, 3D Printer, CAD solvers, chemical equipment.

Imaging tool and microwave camera.

Dosimetry assessment system.

In-house 3D electromagnetic scattering solvers