Keysight Austria

Keysight Technologies is one of the world's premier electronic measurement company with 13.000+ employees. Keysight offers a portfolio of different high-speed oscilloscopes, as well as performance network analyzers that are in many aspects leading the edge on performance, speed, and sensitivity at frequencies including 67 GHz, 110 GHz, and up to 1.2 THz. Also, it is the only provider of an integrated and novel near-field microwave imaging microscope that combines microwave imaging with nanoscale investigations using the scanning probe microscope. Keysight Technologies Austria GmbH includes one of the leading research labs on the microwave medical imaging including high frequency PNA technology, and tomographic imaging reconstruction. The Austrian research lab is the only Keysight lab worldwide with a focus on the high frequency medical imaging technology including near-field imaging. Several Keysight scientists work in this lab on those technologies.

The Keysight Austria laboratory is equipped with the latest technology for high frequency measurements including high speed oscilloscopes, 50 GHz and 67 GHz PNAs, large stage 5600 AFM (20x20 cm sample plate), two microwave universal nose cones, microwave generators, handheld network and signal analyzers (FieldFox) and source meters SMU B2900 and current analyzers CX3300, all from Keysight. The modelling suite EMPro2017 is used for microwave 3D simulations to compare with experiments, as well as circuitry design ADS2017.