The mission of the Institute for Electromagnetic Sensing of the Environment of the National Research Council of Italy (CNR-IREA) is the development, the implementation and the application of methodologies and technologies for acquisition, processing, fusion and interpretation of images and data obtained by electromagnetic sensors - operating on satellite, aircraft and in situ - for environmental and territory monitoring, as well as non-invasive diagnostic and electromagnetic risk assessment. CNR-IREA has a consolidated expertise in the fields of optical and microwave remote sensing, in situ electromagnetic diagnostics, risk assessment from exposure to electromagnetic fields and application of electromagnetic fields in medical diagnostics and therapy. To achieve these goals, CNR-IREA merges a multidisciplinary expertise involving electrical and biomedical engineers, biologists and geophysicists. CNR-IREA was officially started in 2001, in the framework of CNR reorganization process. Since then it has become a recognized and assessed entity at both national and international level.

CNR-IREA facilities are primarily concerned with a range of proprietary algorithms and methods to carry out microwave imaging tasks in different configurations and environments. CNR-IREA is a leading group in inverse scattering worldwide, with an assessed experience and know-how in approximated, qualitative and quantitative model based inversion and imaging tools. Such an expertise will be shared with the network’s participants. In the recent years, an Electromagnetic Diagnostics Laboratory has been started at the Electromagnetic Diagnostics group of CNR-IREA and is currently under development. Main facilities already available are a prototype of Doppler bio-radar for breath and heartbeat monitoring, a THz spectroscopic system for reflection and transmission mode measurements, equipped with a scanning system and a holographic radar system. In cooperation with Federico II University of Naples, a facility for characterizing magnetic properties of Ferro-fluids is available.