King’s College London

The Centre for Telecommunications Research (CTR), located in the Department of Informatics, King’s College London, has had a consistent impact on mobile communications for over 3 decades, resulting in over 1500 (mainly journal) publications, 20 books, 10 industry standards, 50 patents and more than 30,000 citations. The Centre has participated in more than 25 EU and EPSRC-funded projects, generating an income of approx. £10m to date. In collaboration with many industries, CTR is currently developing 5G technology for both consumer and industry applications, as well as applications in biomedicine and sensing, which is the main focus of this application. In 2012 KCL received the “HR Excellence in Research” award.

Dr Kosmas’ research team currently consists of 5 PhD students and 6 Post-Doctoral Research Assistants, working on biomedical sensing and imaging applications. Key research facilities include super-computers for running computationally intensive electromagnetic simulations, in-house imaging codes run on GPU platforms, a Keysight vector network analyzer and probe with software for dielectric measurements, in-house antennas for microwave imaging arrays, and a multi-post data acquisition system for experimental microwave imaging measurements.